Voluntary liability insurance (DTSV)

Required type of auto insurance "avtograzhdanki" for many years has standard limits and insurance benefits at the moment these limits are not always able to cover losses associated with accidents. For full protection, we recommend that you purchase a policy Voluntary civil liability (DTSV), at the conclusion of which You choose the limits of insurance payments. This way you can predict in advance the expenses, even in case of an accident.


Voluntary insurance of civil liability (DTSV) can increase the limits of insurance payments provided "avtograzhdanki" for the damage caused to the injured party in a road accident:


limit job losses for property to 500 000 USD.

limit job losses for the life and health to 500 000 USD.

DTSV Agreement concluded in addition to the obligatory contract with WSP policyholders and covers liability of any person lawfully driving the vehicle.


Insurance reimbursement is made after the payment of compensation for compulsory civil liability insurance policy.


Territory of insurance - Ukraine.


When applied to life and health of the affected persons arising out of, relating to:


Temporary Disability;



When damage to property affected persons compensated damages arising from:


damage or destruction of the vehicle of the victim;

damage or destruction of property of the victim;

damage or destruction of roads, road construction, traffic control technical means.