Aviation strahuvannya.Strahuvannya air transport

picturePJSC "SFG" Glebov and partners ", provides a full range of voluntary insurance of civil aviation. Basic insurance products:

Liability insurance air carrier:

• to third parties

• to passengers, baggage and hand luggage

• Before cargo

• combined responsibility

Aircraft hull insurance:

• total loss

• from death and injury

Insurance crew members and other aviation accidents:


Special Offers (extras):

• insurance of certain aircraft units installed in the airplane

• aviation insurance during flights in UN missions, the World Food Programme (WFP), in areas with high risk

• aviation insurance during a demonstration and engineering flight

• insurance related to the military and their risks

• insurance against loss of crew licenses (loss of licence)

• liability insurance of aircraft repair companies

• liability insurance airports


At your request managers PJSC "SFG" Glebov & Partners "quickly and efficiently pick the best insurance product, adapt it to your individual needs and requirements for insurance coverage, and provide comprehensive advice on any matters concerning the conditions of aviation insurance.


Consultation and answers to your questions, you are welcome to contact our insurance managers:

tel. / fax: (+38) (044) 223-31-26, 223-31-27, 251-71-20