Insurance of financial risks

Today the business conditions under stiff competition and market fluctuations always accompanied by certain risks.

Private Joint Stock Company "Insurance Capital Group" Glebov and Partners "provides enterprises of all patterns of ownership protection against the following risks:

- Loss of investments in securities;

- Failure (improper performance) of the insured contractor of its obligations under agreements concluded between them (agreements, contracts);

- Failure to comply with the conditions of the lease concluded between the insurer and contractor;


These risks generally result from:

- Bankruptcy credit institution issuer

- Violation of a counterparty delivery dates, not delivery or short delivery of products (goods), violation of terms of works (services).

- Waiver of payment (late payment) ordered and received from the insured contractor of goods (works, services) as a result of natural disasters, the bankruptcy of the counterparty, illegal actions of third parties.

- Delay the schedule of leasing payments as a result of the insolvency, bankruptcy liquidation counterparty.


The sum insured for this type of insurance is set by mutual agreement between the parties.


Insurance rate is set in% of the sum insured, and can range from 2% to 8% depending on the type of financial risk.



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