Medical insurance (permanent health insurance)

Human health - is priceless, and the ability to maintain and extend its full life should be in everyone. Health Insurance - common and popular health care system throughout the civilized world, and time-tested experience of leading European countries.

Packs of programs of voluntary health insurance, experts developed customer

PJSC "SFG" Glebov and partners "include a set of high-quality services, work effectively provide individual approach and can satisfy the most demanding customers.

For corporate clients PJSC "SFG" Glebov & Partners "program offers medical insurance, providing all types of medical care:

• outpatient

• Dental

• stationary

• Ambulance

On request, our specialists are ready to develop individual health insurance program that takes into account the specifics of your business.

Why do it?

• You control costs for medical services organization

• You achieve growth economic efficiency while reducing morbidity and pratsevtrat

• Taking care of the employees of the company - one of the indicators of a high level of corporate culture.

Providing medical care possible for each insured residence and in the best hospitals as highly specialized and generalist.

Insurance Benefits in us:

• constant monitoring of the volume and quality of services provided in health centers, providing medical and service support;

• reliable partnerships with medical institutions can solve the issue of health care in the shortest time;

• huge range of additional services and benefits as under the contract LCA, and at the conclusion of contracts for other types of insurance.

If you want to get more information from you interesuyuchuoho kind advice and answers to your questions, you are welcome to contact our insurance managers: Tel. / Fax: (+38) (044) 223-31-26, 223-31-27, 251-71-20.