From the fire risks and risks of natural disasters. (The subject of mortgage)

(License of the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets of Ukraine series AB № 546930) from 30.08. 07 unlimited

Compulsory insurance of the subject of mortgage risks of accidental destruction, accidental damage done to the conditions set forth in the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 06.04.2011g. Number 358.

Legal or natural person who has taken out a bank loan for the purchase of commercial real estate can protect themselves from the loss of property by means of mandatory insurance subject of mortgage risks of accidental destruction, damage or deterioration.  Property insurance against:


  • natural disasters;
  • Fire;
  • Bang;
  • Damage to the smoke;
  • Carrying out works related to the construction / reconstruction of the houses near the insured property or neighboring premises not owned by the insured;
  • Fall of manned aircrafts, their parts, cargo and baggage, transported and spill of fuel;
  • Collisions with the insured property or the property hit a technical means of moving under management (or no management) person, and is used to move any kind of energy;
  • Failures in the systems of heat, water, gas, in power networks, industrial accidents (in particular, the release of superheated mass propagation of a wave of toxic gases and vapors leaking corrosive substances);
  • Fall pillars, lighting masts and other structures with the exception of cases arising as a result of improper installation, or installation;
  • wrongful acts of third parties;
  • exposure to water and / or other liquids in the event of an accident.


The sum insured is set at the full actual value of the mortgaged property (determined by appraisers), but not less than prescribed in the mortgage agreement. At the same unconditional franchise, appearing in the insurance contract does not exceed 2% of the sum insured.

Agreement on property insurance can be concluded for a period of 1 year (it can be extended if the borrower during this time will not return loan), or for the entire crediting period.

The beneficiary when the insured event can be both ipotekopoluchatel and mortgagor, as well as others, have confirmed their rights to the mortgaged property.