Vehicles (CASCO)

(License of the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets of Ukraine series AB № 546928) from 30.08. 07 unlimited

This type of insurance is voluntary and governed by the Rules of the Insurer.

Insurance protection shall be Insured losses that occur as a result of damage or destruction of the vehicle or additional equipment:


  • as a result of a traffic accident or other damage that occurred during the movement;
  • as a result of a natural disaster (storm, hurricane, rain, hail, tornado, tsunami, agricultural, earthquake, collapse, shifting soil, flood);
  • as a result of explosion, fire (including the connecting wiring, lightning strike), except occurrence of an explosion or a fire caused by illegal actions of third parties;
  • due to falling objects (including stones, snow, ice) on the surface of the vehicle or auxiliary equipment;
  • as a result of wrongful acts of third parties (in particular, due to injury or wrongful deprivation of the Insured's part of the ground of the vehicle or additional equipment);
  • wrongful deprivation of the Insured vehicle and / or optional equipment, including as a result of theft, robbery.


The sum insured is determined by the insured vehicle as agreed with the Insurer and can not exceed the actual value of the vehicle.

Insurance rate is applied depending on the accepted insurance risks, the type, conditions of use and storage of the vehicle, the driver's experience and age, as well as other parameters of the vehicle.