Going abroad

(License of the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets of Ukraine series AB № 546931) from 30.08. 07 unlimited

Voluntary insurance medical expenses governed by the Rules of the Insurer.
Insurance risks:
  1. sudden illness of the insured person while traveling in the country and within the period specified in the insurance contract;
  2. traumatic injury of the insured person due to an accident while traveling in the country and within the period specified in the insurance contract;
  3. the death of the insured due to a sudden illness or accident which occurred while traveling in the country and in the period that is specified in the insurance contract.
The insured event is the medical costs of the services:
  • ambulance or transport the vehicle to the nearest medical facility;
  • outpatient care (consultations, diagnostics, treatment, payment of prescription medications);
  • inpatient care (consultations, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, medical software, stay in the wards of the standard type, power);
  • Sudden dental care in an amount not more than 50 euros (dental examination, X-rays, fillings or removal);
  • Sudden medical evacuation from abroad and transportation services for the accompanying person;
  • repatriation of the body to the customs point of Ukraine;
  • telephone associated with the notification of the insured event;
  • burial or cremation of the body abroad (500 euros).
Insured can act as a natural person or a legal entity that can enter into a contract of insurance in favor of third parties (Insured). In the event that an individual policyholder, has concluded an insurance contract in their favor, then it is subject to the rights and obligations of the insured person.
Insured, according to the Rules of the Insurer, may be citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens and stateless persons aged 1 to 75 years. Age of the Insured, who enters into a contract of insurance in its favor (the Insured Person is both), can not be less than 18 years. Also, there may be a contract of insurance in relation to people with disabilities groups I and II.
The insurance amount is determined by mutual agreement of the parties (in most cases - 30 000 euro).