Insurance event

For an objective and impartial assessment of the size of the insurance compensation for property types Company has a contractual relationship with assistiruschimi companies, experts and appraisers only a high level of skill and impeccable reputation such as OOO "Expert assistuyucha kompaniia" LEGION "Assistuyucha company« Ukrainian assistance service " It provides support around the clock motor insurance - as an information - Hotline and technical during the insured event or organizes assistance abroad. The company has a contractual relationship with many partners-insurers in reinsurance, which for many years of cooperation proved its reliability timely payment of insurance compensation, and have a reputation of reliable partners.

Telephone call center - Hour Information - Referral Service, which receives complaints Insured by phone: (044) 22 33127 or fax: (044) 25 17 120. Admission of citizens shall: OOO "Transport Assistance" (throughout Ukraine) .