Property. Insurance of construction risks

(License of the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets of Ukraine series AB № 546932) from 30.08. 07 unlimited.

Voluntary property insurance is carried out on the terms of an insurer.

Insured may be (owned or lease):

Real property - houses and structures, namely:


  • structural elements of premises, buildings and structures: foundation, walls, floor, ceiling, cover, etc .;
  • External engineering communications and equipment, including water purification systems, pumps, underground equipment, such as water, sewerage, vodogonnye pipes and electrical communication, etc .;
  • internal communications and engineering equipment of buildings and structures, including systems and equipment electricity, gas, water supply, heating, sewage, fire suppression systems and alarm systems, sanitary equipment, etc .;


Finishing and equipment of buildings and structures, namely:


  • exterior trim and stationary equipment, including doors, including locks, handles, trim, window glass, curtains, bars, etc., equipment balconies and loggias;
  • interior trim and stationary equipment rooms, including internal carpentry, permanent flooring, walls and ceilings, including suspended ceilings, skirting, parquet, laminate, carpet, linoleum, fireplaces, stoves, built-in furniture and others.


Movable property:


  • production (commodity) processing equipment (all structural components and communications, including in particular, the foundations of industrial machines and power transmission lines);
  • computers and office equipment, household appliances, furniture;
  • trade and inventories (finished goods, goods in the warehouse, on the trading floor, raw materials and semi-finished products);
  • Vehicles of any kind, which belong to the Insured and insured by storage location.


Insurance risks, which include the total insurance coverage:


  • fire risks;
  • natural disasters;
  • accidents water supply, sewerage, heating systems; water damage from water supply, sewerage, heating systems and fire suppression systems; penetration of water from neighboring (foreign) premises;
  • impact / collision with the vehicle and the animals;
  • broken glass;
  • illegal actions of third parties, which are aimed at the destruction of or damage to property;
  • theft or attempted such actions;
  • robbery or robbery.


Insurance coverage is provided for by the contract of insurance the address indicated as the place of insurance.

The insurance amount is determined by mutual agreement of the parties within the actual market value of the property at the time of concluding the insurance contract.

Insurance compensation is determined by the size of direct loss, which caused the Insured and evaluated by an independent expert.